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Building Green

Green Building Design & Construction

Green Construction is the fastest growing sector with the Northern California market staking claim to the one of the largest "green" markets in the United States. Our own retail/professional park in San Jose illustrates how environmentally conscious design & construction can have a positive, long-term impact on both the environment & business. The KAL team can assist you in identifying & providing opportunities for building "green" high-performance facilities or custom homes that offer a higher quality indoor environment & increased savings through energy and operational efficiency.

CareMore Plaza: Overall Green Project Narrative
CareMore Plaza, a commercial pedestrian development project, consists of approximately 22,780 square feet of medical, retail and office space. Located on the former site of an apricot orchard & processing plant in San Jose's flourishing east side neighborhood, CareMore Plaza is considered the first Green retail office building in the City of San Jose.

KAL Design & Construction design managed & built the structure with planning assistance from the City of San Jose's Green Building Coordinator, Pacific Gas & Electric Company and Green Building Studio, Inc.

CareMore Plaza used the preferred method of Whole Building in the Savings By Design Incentive program. This approach enabled the design team to consider integrated, optimized energy efficiency solutions, which lead to more informed design decisions based on comprehensive information.